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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Cybersecurity awareness training provides employees the knowledge and understanding of cybersecurity principles and precautions. Training prepares employees to identify and respond appropriately to hacking attempts, phishing, and malware infections. All employees are required to complete yearly cybersecurity training.


  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training 101 
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training 200 - September 26, 2017  




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Cybersecurity Prevention

What is Phishing?

Scammers attempting to steal information by posing as another person or organization. Email is the venue most associated with phishing. The scammer is phishing for login credentials (username and password), banking information, etc. Scammers use many tactics such as using the Judson University logo or changing the email send address to look like it is being sent by a professor or department. They may even go so far as to create a webpage that mimics Judson's website.Phishers Image


Cybersecurity Precautions

Secure Your Devices

  • Do not leave your phone, laptop, iPad, or tablet unattended. Keep your device with you or in a secure location.
  • Use complex passwords and lock codes to secure your data in the event your device is lost or stolen.
  • Lock or power off your workstation when you leave your desk, even for a short period of time. Require a password login when you return.
Protect your Personal Information
  • Never give out your login credentials (username and password) to anyone. Change your password on a regular basis.
  • Before entering your personal information on a website, be certain it is legitimate and secured using HTTPS. Never give our your username, password, or ID number in an email.

Install an antivirus program that frequently scans your computer for malware.

Policies and Procedures

Judson University provides information technology resources to a large and varied group, including faculty, staff, students, and guests. All members of this community are accountable for using these resources in an ethical and respectful manner that protects sensitive University information and follows the Information Systems and Technology policies and procedures.


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